Writing Your Resume

Resumes are an integral tool when seeking employment or promotional opportunities.  We recommend that you always keep your resume up to date.  Resumes are an extension of a business card in that they present your employment history in a succinct manner.  Resumes should be no longer than two pages, factual without editorial comment.  Be sure to establish and prioritize your accomplishments.  We recommend that you write your own resume and not have it produced by a third party. It should be printed on good quality white regular sized business paper.  We recommend that you avoid using colored or odd sized paper paper.  Most resumes are now transmitted electronically, however, it is advisable to maintain paper copies as well for presentation during the interview process. Here are some other issues to consider when creating or updating your resume:

  • Make sure your contact information is listed, including your email address.
  • Be factual.  Employers will check to see if you have truthfully represented yourself.  Failure to do so may result in termination of employment.
  • Emphasis tangible accomplishments.
  • List all prior employers.  Make sure dates coincide with your entire employment history.
  • Do not include photographs or any mention of political or religious affiliations.
  • Do not include information regarding your date of birth, marital or family status.
  • Do not include names of references on your resume.  List them separately and present them only upon request.
  • The final section of your resume will allow you to present some personal interest information.

We live in the age of social media. You should expect that a potential employer will search social media sites, public records and news media sites to see what they can learn about you.  Always be guided by good judgement when you contribute information about yourself on these sites.  Any adverse or non-professional information on these sites, viewed by a potential employer, can work against your best interests.  

Business references are important.  The most relevant reference a potential employer will seek is one of your direct supervisors.  Make sure you seek permission from your references prior to initiating a job search. Only give permission to a potential employer to check your references when you have a contingent job offer or you are a finalist candidate.  Family members, friends and professional acquaintances are of no relevance as your references, so do not include them.

Resume Guideline

No single resume format is the best.  Many styles are acceptable if prepared using the guidelines presented above.  However, we do recommend the Harvard Business School resume format.  A fictitious example is presented on the next page is hereby provided for your perusal and guide.